Shorter ingredients = any permutation of the below (TOMS ALONE perhaps a bit dull)
Shorter method = chop then cook

[update: this is PARTICULARLY excellent because you can do a DIFFT VARIANT every night for days on end w/o gettin bored or havin disasters — it suits the sluggish or TV-drawn]


chop (into chunky chunks) some or all of:
shallots (just halve em)
red and/or yellow peppers

finely slice some or all of:

leave untouched some or all of:
tomato, two or three large
tomato, many many tiny

meat portion can be:
chicken breast in chunks
other (untested)

olive oil
sprinkle of sugar
salt and pepper
worcester sauce

–Put everything in a big ceramic dish
–Splash olive oil and worc.sauce over it and mix it all up w.yr mitts
— sprinkle layer of sugar over top (not too much)
–Put in oven on v.high

–Leave till top layer is browning and curled a bit, and tomato skins have mostly split
–Mix up again making sure tom juice all comes out
–Replace in oven, slightly lower temp.
–Leave till yummy, mixing up occasionally to ensure caramelisation is not too localised

–Add salt and pepper and serve

(Also delicious cold next day)
(If you have a meat version, cooking longer and slower will hopefully cause it to soften up after initially going a bit solid) (it’s like rigor mortis wearing off in CSI!!)