Andrew WK is back, Back, BACK!!

 Are we ready to go to sleep??


We’re not going to bed! We’re never gonna go to bed!

Horrifying images of rammed basements and crowdsurfing spring to mind, nose-bleeds from jumping about and that’s not even to MENTION the RSI from repeated PLONKING ROCK KEYBOARD RIFFS! Ow my finger hurts! But I’m not going to bed! NO WAY! Send that ambulance away damn you (you SWINES)! It’s call and response time:

Are you gonna fall asleep at the table? I’m NOT! Are you gonna fall asleep watching cable?? I’m NOT!

And that’s NOT just because I’ve only got a freeview box! Yeah!! Let’s stay up all night! I’ve just realised – Andrew WK is just a cooler Rik from the Young Ones with a rockin’ guitar int it? Anyway! Yeah! ROCK! I’m going to rock all the way to the kitchen!! And then I’m going to make myself a cup of tea… with TWO TEABAGS!!! YEAH!

*flicks the vees*