Urban Cookie Collective – “The Key: The Secret”

Kat of General Khaki writes:

Verses? Let’s face it, they’re rubbish, aren’t they? The artist blabbers on because they are not concise enough to get the gist across with their chorus. BORING. The advent of The Lovely Acid House Thing meant that dance music no longer had to be geeky (ahem Kraftwerk) depressing (coff coff Blue Monday) or critically acclaimed (COFF bloody everyone else who could pick up a synthesizer without dropping it or going Where Are The Strings On This Cuboidal Guitar?). Dance music was now FUN! And what is more fun than jumping up and down and chanting a few catchy words to a nice simple happy tune with yer mates? You didn’t even have to be gay. It was great.

‘The Key, The Secret’ is a cracking example of the 1992/1993 Golden Europop era. What’s that? U.C.C. are English? Blimey. With verses consisting of “Ah ah ah ah ah ah/A ha a ha/Ah ah ah ah/I’ve got the key” (courtesy of Lyricz.net) and a soaring chorus it scores highly in the Singalonga category and indeed also in the Thumping 4/4 Beat stakes. It is almost impossible to listen to this song without doing the turny-head nose-pointing dance. Yep, it’s a corking little bit of Euro-bop that somehow sprung from the pancreas of Manchester.