I was standing in the foyer at my work talking to Mr William Bloody Swygart and he said, “Oh, have you heard about Simon Reynolds’ new book?”. I said “No” and he showed me on the Interweb, there was a special site to it linked from Blissblog.

The book was being edited by SR and was called Biology, named after the famous Old Skool Rave party organisation. It was a series of essays exploring the interface between biology and music taste – race, gender, endo/ectomorphs and dancing, the extent to which attractiveness defines taste (music scenes and the idea of “beautiful people”), notions of blindness in blues and rock, plus more general explorations of the theories of evolutionary biology as they might apply to pop! WOW, I thought, this sounds like it’s going to be a great read! I was about to click and read more but then I woke up.

I STILL think this is a great idea for a book, though. Does anything along similar lines actually exist??