i’m not a huge fan of james wolcott’s writing — about music, film OR more recently politics — and plus i STILL haven’t read rip it up (or finished benW’s notorious review!), but this handy rave, which then actually waxes more lyrical about cunningham and cage, reminded me i. of THIS, and ii. of a joke i made on POPTIMISTS somewhere, that simonR had NEVER IN HIS LIFE WRITTEN ABOUT DANCE (which is i think true if by “dance” you don’t mean “dance music” — which he’s written lots about obv — but like ACTUAL DANCE DO YOU SEE) (as in moving yr body in non-ordinary-language-ways

anyway it remains a massive yet strangely under-examined and shied-away-from aspect of pop, from TAPDANCING to JAMES BROWN to BRITNEY

so, shy towards it and over-examine, plz

UPDATE: “does for post-punk… what Roger Shattuck’s The Banquet Years did for the pre-WWI French avant-garde” — see for me this, intended as a vast compliment, is actually a bit of a slap in the face