On the cover is the smiling face of Al Martino. Sorry ladies, he’s 78.

The theme is ‘underrated number ones’

1. LORD ROCKINGHAM’S XI – “Hoots Mon”: Big end-of night feelgood stomper.
2. FLOYD CRAMER – “On The Rebound”: Piano boogie underrated by me who only gave it a 5 in Popular. It’s a tonic!
3. JOHN LEYTON – “Johnny Remember Me”: Joe Meek produced tale of GHOSTS.
4. LIEUTENANT PIGEON – “Mouldy Old Dough”: THE DON.
5. THE HONEYCOMBS – “Have I The Right”: More Meek magnificence, primitive and faintly berserk.
6. THE EQUALS – “Baby Come Back”: I always mean to play this at Club P and never remember.
7. FERN KINNEY – “Together We Are Beautiful”: One for that special person out there in the crowd tonight.
8. BUCKS FIZZ – “The Land Of Make Believe”: It’s about Thatcher OMG111!!
9. PAUL MCCARTNEY – “Pipes Of Peace”: As chosen by guest DJ Tim Hopkins, moving lament by the big man.
10. CULTURE BEAT – “Mr Vain”: As chosen by Pete. Call him insane etc.
11. TAKE THAT – “Babe”: Spooky tale from the pen of G Barlow.
12. DOOP – “Doop”: How exhausting is this to dance to??
13. AQUA – “Dr Jones”: The Good Sugarcubes (TM) describe a romantic idyll.
14. 5IVE – “Keep On Movin”: I promised someone I’d play this and forgot but at least it’s on the CD – the best number one Haircut 100 never had.
15. A1 – “Same Old Brand New You”: Ending with a big tune (in my mind).