1) the girl with the golden voice– has all of these connections to money and class, to fame, pop desire that completely is against the idea of hazzards–radical reinvention of american pop culture. everyone knows golden voice means golden hair.
2) she is claiming her own saftey–which gets me all fuzzy intertextually, if we you belive the rumours of her and johnny knoxville’s anal adventures
3) how she combines girl pop, hip hop, faux country, and her own insanely powerful voice means it combines more genres, with more history in the introduction to this song, then cowboy troy does in his whole album
4) her random trellsimo, meraunged to the heaven–crash entirely into a hip hop chorus
5) her mentioning of her ass twice in 5 seconds, as the primary source of pleasure, voids any of the virginial silliness that m arked her meterotic rise.
6) her singing sooooooweeeee and yeaaaaa haaaaa was silly, but hot.
7) the inclusion of the 70 something willie nelson as dirty ol man, means that he is perhaps the slyest person working today–is like the concessions made by johnny cash in rubins american recordings, but with out any of the cannonical rockism, its like Cash deciding to cut an album with britney spears ca hit me baby one more time—a song that Richard Thompson called one of the best written of all time.
8) and all of this before the fantastic opening stutter start that made every single solitary cover of this song interesting.

the video is supposed to be even better.