It’s Eurovision time again! There are a host of blogs celebrating this, and I’m sure some of them are putting MP3s up. For the next three days, we’ll jump the bandwagon, today offering Britain’s best-ever entry:

Bardo – One Step Further

It was the glorious new pop dawn of 1982, and Royaume-Uni was top of the Eurovision world following the skirt-hurling performance of Bucks Fizz. How to follow that? By pulling out all possible stops and submitting a hyper-propulsive pop blockbuster, full of the colour, surprise and drama that “Making Your Mind Up” – loveable as it was – had lacked. And what happened? Second place behind Nicole’s “A Little Peace”. Catastrophe! The heart went out of Britain’s Eurovision efforts after Bardo, with slapdashery and cynicism taking hold. This is as good as it gets.