“Wait” (video)

The song itself is one of the most ridiculously wonderful things around this year, whispered pervertalism as ambient microcrawl moodout funky-as-fuck genius. The video, however, is all the more enjoyable for various reasons:

* it takes the heap o’ naked bodies motif from something like, say, the Pet Shop Boys’ “You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You’re Drunk” and sets it into motion…slow motion.

* the Twins themselves look a lot better in dark suits than pretty much every bunch of post-Interpol goofs out there (this includes Interpol)

* if you’re going to go gloriously ridiculous with a car/dancing/popped champagne-as-world’s-least-subtle metaphor combination, this is how to do it

* the edits on the beat and off the beat are equally killer

* in an M. R. James short story I was rereading the other day, there was this bit:

“No definite image presented itself, but I was pursued by the very vivid impression that wet lips were whispering into my ear with great rapidity and emphasis for some time together.”

And now there’s a definite image to go with it. (Do not, however, arrange to have your predecessor archdeacon mysteriously die in order to achieve the overall effect.)