Poptimism In Space (Slight Return)

(Spoilers for Dr Who Episode 2)

In episode 2 of Dr Who the character Lady Cassandra proudly displays an “iPod” which turns out to be a vinyl jukebox. It plays “Toxic” by Britney and this has raised some fannish eyebrows. Obviously at NYLPM we are happy to accept that “Toxic” will be remembered for 5 billion years as a “classic ballad”. But has it ever been released on jukebox-friendly 7″ vinyl? The answer is no. A-ha, Russell T Davies, you have been found out! But wait – there are all sorts of reasonable explanations for this ‘continuity glitch’.

i) 5 billion years is plenty of time for a re-issue.
ii) or a very faithful cover version.
iii) by an alien!
iv) the jukebox plays CDs as well as vinyl (we only see the vinyl for “Tainted Love”, after all)
v) Lady Cassandra has been gypped and the jukebox isn’t even really playing anything but instead is drawing its sounds by telepathy from the memories of the assembled (and the ‘tainted love’ 7″ is, erm, a hologram)

“Toxic” was released on 12″ vinyl for DJs (proper DJs not us shonky lot) but that’s neither here nor there. I do wonder if there are any firms that will press MP3s (no questions asked guv) to jukebox-friendly vinyl in case you have a design hard-on for old models but want the contents to be a little bit more modern.