MY MISSION: To find an ‘upbeat instrumental’ that could be used for a lame powerpoint montage of smiling team members around the world at an internal event.

THE OUTCOME: A short CD of (largely) instrumentals – can you guess which one was picked for this noble purpose?

1. THE SHADOWS – “Wonderful Land”
2. THE CHANTAYS – “Pipeline”
3. JACK NITZCHE – “The Lonely Surfer”
4. DAN THE BANJO MAN – “Dan The Banjo Man”
5. MR BLOE – “Grooving With Mr Bloe”
6. THE DARKNESS – “Bareback”
7. LINK WRAY – “Batman”
8. BAD MANNERS – “The Can Can”
9. )EIB( – “Snowcat”
10. THE GO TEAM – “Feelgood by Numbers”
11. INCANTATION – “Cacharpaya”
12. BIMBO JET – “El Bimbo”
13. THE GO TEAM – “Huddle Formation”
15. TEDDYBEARS STHLM – “Cobrastyle”

(Some people I email regularly will already know this, probably, or be able to guess it.)