88. Subway Sect – “Ambition”

Sarah says

What’s the matter, Vic? “I don’t write any words you get in rock songs…I like those words – that seem out of place in a rock song.” It’s a funny thing that Vic’s been most famous for the most trad “rock” song he’s ever written, but punk has always been a funny old mare to me. The aural assaults of teh Sexy Pistols left me cold, but Vic came out with Ambition that LAMBASTED the hoary old punk machine with a WIT and SUBTLETY like no-one else. I won a guitar from him you know, and he delivered it to my HOUSE! You can tell he’s a postman, there was something in the QUALITY. Do you think that Peter Cook was ever a Northern Soul boy? I can’t say the thought ever crossed my mind, until I saw Vic play a tiny football bar in Sunny Brentford last year, and then it all became startlingly obvious – Pete wasn’t, but Vic is. Ambivalence stalks us, but Vic galvanises us. I love him. He loves me. He is my husband. No really. HE IS!

Er will that do. Sorry. SORRY. Who nominated it anyway?!