2004 Hurrah!

aka The NYLPM New Year Quiz

Doing my ‘tracks of the year’ presented me with a dilemma. I’ve heard little and paid attention to less, attempting a ’round-up’ would just be pompous (so go and read Jess’ instead). But I do have favourites and the atavistic desire to list them cannot be denied.

So here are my top 31 tracks, in reverse order – or rather here is a lyric from each of them, which you can use to identify said Top 31 in the comments box. No write-ups, sorry, but if there’s anything you feel is particularly indefensible you can request some sort of justification from me. No prizes for that matter, well probably not. But if you’re sitting out the last days before

31. “South Philly muthafucka kill at will”
30. “Darkroom Danny can’t see with the lights turned out”
29. “Call the police there’s a mad girl in town”
28. “Ouch…ouch…”
27. “I found a fox, chased by dogs”
26. “Seen your eyes go left right, left right, left right, left right”
25. “Highlights and a pitbull, you’re looking fierce girl”
24. “The joker’s always smiling, in every hand that’s dealt”
23. “I took a sip from my devil cup”
22. “Made an album, over 100,000 people bought it – thank you”
21. “I must confess I’ve been a very bad boy”
20. “It representin the struggle, man”
19. “Is that a new boy stuck on your shoe?”
18. “Life is moving faster now”
17. “You gotta hang around in limbo for as long as I take”
16. “Weapons underground mean the planet’s safe and sound”
15. “Well he’s my boy of gold and he’s not very old”
14. “Is it just the margaritas or are you talking to me?”
13. “You’ve never had it all – all in one woman before”
12. “What if they say that you’re a climber?”
11. “2! 4! 6! 8! 10! 2! 4! 6! 8! 10!”
10. “No further questions, you have passed my test”
9. “Got no worries in my diary”
8. “I was gonna be late, so I picked up my pace to run”
7. “We all went down to the party Friday night and had a drink or two”
6. “Rock me shock me any way you know, but I guess I kind of like the status quo”
5. “Should’ve fluttered my mascara like a butterfly”
4. “My style is the bomb di di bomb di dang di dang diggy diggy”
3. “Like a circle made of flames, no telling where it started burning”
2. “I walk into the room passing out hundred dollar bills”
1. “Such a strange way of having fun”

(There may well be spoilers in the comments box)