Nearly all of the news about the Ukrainian Election Crisis has been has been predicated on the tug of war between east and west and a Putin vs Bush new world order being played out in White Russia. No-one appears to have picked up a much more significant aspect to this escalating domestic crisis.

The next Eurovision Song Contest is in the Ukraine. They have six months to sort this electoral crisis out, otherwise a grand tradition will be destroyed. It is particularly harsh as this years winner, Ukranian Ruslana, had the best song in years (not to mention Xena-esque outfit and dance routine). With its Eurovision firendly “shi-di-ri-di-duy, shi-di-ri-di-da-na” lyrics coupled with Adam And The ANts style percussion it swept the boards at this years event, in a manner wholly unlike either of the candidates in the recent Ukrainian election. Vote Ruslana and her Wild Dances, and put this civil war to death.

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