BANDAID 20, first impressions*

What a mess! What a real mess! It sounds like a sixth form jam session. They’ve dispensed with the need for a drum track, replaced the “whur-ur-uh” noises with some sort of nasty synth line, bongo makes us realise that he’s a shadow of the flag waver he was 20 years ago, screeching though The Line with no finesse or feeling. They’ve also appreciable slowed it down and made it longer, a bigger break between the first half and second and doubling the length of the refrain at the end as well as adding a “war is over” clapping bit at the end after a minute of “ad-libbing”, which sounds like the warm-up room before a pop-idol heat. The only redeeming feature of it is DIZZEE’S RAPPING BIT which I wasn’t expecting, I assumed he’d gone along to sing in the choir and that was it. Anyway, it leapt out of the radio like a giant purple leaping thing, and brought a great big smile to my face.

*all of these impressions formulated at 8am this morning during the inaugural play on chris moyles breakfast show. The author reserves the right to change any or all or these opinions over the next month…

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