I’m proud to present the third batch of CD treasures for re-housing. If you want to see the list of items, go to TMFD and click on the link below the totaliser. If you want to see them in their full glory, follow the links below:

Frankly not even slightly indie.
Whatever happened to this lot?
I know all too well what happened to THIS lot.
Whoever thought they’d make it to a best of?
Was this the one that they released on Hitler’s birthday?
“DO YOU SEE???!!???”
It’s about his break-up you know.
(I have a sneaking liking for this)
What was Anne Dudley thinking?

As usual all money raised goes to the Grecian Earn fund.

The current top-ranking amnesty items:

SLINT – Spiderland – £8.51
SQUAREPUSHER – Selection Sixteen – £7.50
NICK DRAKE – Bryter Layter – £5.01
BILLY BRAGG – Back To Basics – £4.61
THE BETA BAND – The Three EPs – £4.20

The rare Go West singles went for £1.60! That’s what I’m proudest of.