Recording my new album — so there was this one and there’s this one and then there’s a so-far unreleased one done back in May, but album number four has been completed and I’m listening to it now as I dub a copy to be sent up to my label bosses in Portland. As before, they suggested the idea and I had to do my best to fulfill the stated brief (this must be how Britney feels whenever a new producer comes into the picture — or something).

Closed the sliding door to the balcony as it was the earlyish morning and not too hot yet, found an old blank tape with a completely inaudible interview with Andy of Therapy? buried on it, set up the trusty Sony cassette recorder on my desk and started reading from the source material. Like the almanac album, I flitted through the options as I saw fit, chose what to read and what to ignore, and came up with something that represents what was asked for. I like to think I have some good moments in there, but we’ll see what people think.

My ‘career’ is little more than a bizarre wonderful indulgence, really — but I do like it!

(And no, I’m not telling you what the album is yet. You’ll find out soon enough.)