Nick Southall’s review of The Streets is one of the more sensible ones.

Speaking of The Streets, comparisons pour in. The Specials, Serge Gainsbourg (duh!), Chas N Dave, Dexys, J.Pac, and Posey Simmons’ Gemma Bovary! Ive also seen The Office referenced in a few print reviews, which seems fair. John Sutherland in his Streets=Keats piece a while ago mentioned the Pet Shop Boys (hmmmm), the Kinks (not really) and the Chemical Brothers (!?!?!?!?) (“I believe they make ‘electronica’ m’lud”).

Ronan Vs Fun: as you might guess I’m much keener on eclectic funarama mixes than journey-taking stuff but that’s a function of my age and dancing and stimulant preferences – I wouldn’t want to see it drive out or abolish ‘serious dance music’. So I’m really glad Ronan’s writing this stuff.

Answer records from the useful-as-always Everyhit, inspired by that Frankee record. Which I have decided is rubbish, for anyone counting.