Laughing On Records

I dislike the Frankee record. I was a bit worried this was down to my deep-rooted misogyny but listening to it just now on Capital I realised why it is rubbish: it has laughing on it. Specifically it has laughing on it after a joke – when Frankee says “I had better sex on my own” there is an appreciative giggle. This immediately confirms my rightness – all records that do this are bad.* The tactic is suggestive of a deep-seated lameness and lack of confidence – “I’ve written a funny line! Quick! I must telegraph this to the listener in the most obvious way possible!”. Also it never sounds good. As you might expect, comedy songs are awash with laugher – as a rule the less funny the song the more on-vinyl sides are being split. The listener’s misery is only increased by the gales of fictional hilarity. Eventually Popular will get to Ray Steven’s “The Streak” and this particular soapbox will be mounted again.

*(with the possible exception of live stand-up albums)