amazon’s algorithm for working out yr top 105 “recommended” lps (or books or whatever) is a totally hypnotic mystery to me – and i can’t tell you anything formal abt how it makes its choices (well actually i do have two tentative general conclusions: i think if you rate something you own as a “3” it leaves everything as is; and if you give “5” to more than two LPs by the same person you have to announce yrself “not interested” in everything else by them to ensure they don’t clog up the entire first 20 entries, pretty much)

also, and more oddly, i can tell you this: if (despite yr solid phalanx of 20th century modernist composition) (which may actually depend on something you BOUGHT via amazon) you then out of old-skool loyalty give good marks to a restrained amt of canonic punk/hardcore you will drive stuff by ligeti (specifically) right down from the top to the lower edge of yr hundred, but if you THEN enter high-ish marks for basement jaxx wiley and dizzee rascal, yr punky hardcore will straight away be shunted down into the late 20s mostly, and ligeti will be dragged RIGHT BACK up into the top 15!!

plus also i did have lots of herbie hancock in there but that has now all vanished!! grimists why ru herbie hataz!!?