In the world of electronic and synthesised pop there are pioneering classics, and there are lost pioneering classics, and there are lost pioneers who have classic status thrust upon them (does anybody actually listen to the Silver Apples?) and then there are quirky records that aren’t quite early or good or fashionable enough for anyone to pay them much attention. Such a record is Hot Chocolate’s “Put Your Love In Me”, Top 10 in October 1977, which was a bit of a surprise to me since it sounds like the guy from Tindersticks howling over a very early Human League track. “Disco” only by the vaguest association, it’s a horribly overwrought record but also a weirdly compelling one. It’s one of those records which summons up the queasy, dread-laden, obsessional side of lust – more grist to my drunken Friday night theory that Hot Chocolate invented Pulp. They were a strange band in many ways, casting their net very wide but with a real gift for cheese; very populist but carrying a vicious self-loathing streak (listen to “Mindless Boogie”! And they called an album Going Through The Motions.)