In The Nipple Of The Storm: So what’s happened here is this –

– Janet Jackson gets her breast bared in the Super Bowl half time show.
– A horde of Interweb users immediately start searching for pics of said breast
– “Janet Jackson breast half time” turns up an old Freaky Trigger focus group entry on Google.
– Freaky Trigger hits go up.
– The popularity of the search pushes the page FURTHER up Google.
– For the UK search engine FT becomes #1 for “Janet Jackson breast”
– The FT Referrals page shows little but “Janet Jackson breast”.
– …so THAT page then starts showing up on US Google for “Janet Jackson breast”, which is a considerably bigger deal hits-wise.
– Googlers in a mad mob rush for Jackson breastery start going to other sites on the FT Referrals page.

The upshot of this is that our stats have gone mental and that our referrals page is the potential conduit for all sorts of pervertalist searchers sluicing around the blogosphere. If you link to FT then why not check your stats and see if any of them have come your way!

(Update: as a result of this madness my faithful old Site Meter account, which has served me well since October 1999(!), has been taken away from me. Ah well…)