Sometimes David Bowie’s love of technology is the funniest thing in the world. There is nothing new about seeing live events in a cinema. They used to do this with boxing in the seventies. If you can’t be arsed to travel and want to recreate the lousy Premiereship vibe you can often watch away games on the big screen at your local stadium. Only Bowie though would think of adding the interactive buzzword to the mix.

Surely Bowie has already been bitten on the nose by interactivity. Anyone remember the Glass Spider tour. You could ring a special hotline to request tunes for the night you went. Unfortunately the hotline mysteriously “broke down” when Bowie realised that everyone was voting for the Laughing Gnome for a laugh. Why on earth won’t this happen again. Or more importantly will everyone in the UK buy a ticket and half an hour in let’s start a chant for Tin Machine. And then nick next door to watch Terminator III.