For me, it’s enough that this track rescues the main melody from Musiq’s lackluster ‘halfcrazy’ and implements it beautifully in the pre-chorus bridge. Hell, I’ll even let the obvious vocal Pro-Tooling slide. Ever since JLo took to claiming (in song) that she as multi-media multi-millionaire trend-setting mogul is no different from the Jenny that took the 6 from dance lessons and auditions back to her block every day back in the day, I sighed and rolled my eyes. Every time she gave the Bronx a shout-out or tossed one of Puffy’s shiny baubles aside or struck the down-ass-chick pose in one of her umpteen videos (or movies) (god, those movies), I cringed. And now, after all that primping and pimping, she tosses would-be fans the 4th single from her (shock!) highly successful 3rd album, in a clear attempt to wring out any possible cream and cache the CD — now looking up at the Billboard Top 100 – has left. And, of course, it turns out to be the ‘no-frills’ track that presents the strongest case supporiting Ms. Lopez’s earnest WYSIWYG stance. Stronger than anything involving Jadakiss or Flashdance, at any rate.

Even the video — featuring enough makeupless JLo in-your-pores close-ups to make Jonathan Demme break his camera — favors this somewhat mawkish yearning. It’s less cloying if you turn away during the verses and just focus on the vibe. And the DeBarge windchimes. People! You know what I’m talking about, when a song gets in your soul, and won’t let go… After the nadir that will forever be linked with Ishtar and other cinematic stinkbombs, this serves as a nice pre-Jersey Girl sorbet. (Only 5 / 8 / 11 more months!) (Wait a second — Gertrude Steiney?!?!?)