What is it about Crazy In Love, by Beyonce* that makes me think it isn’t finished. It just does not quite have a chorus, which bugs me a touch but considering the rest of the tune is a jittery, brass-led piece of brilliance it does not bother me as much as it should. In this way it reminds me of the last seemingly unfinished single which I let slide because iot was so much fun. Work It Out by – oh hold on – Beyonce. One might be tempted to think that what Kelly and Michelle bring to Destiny’s Child is choruses. And Kelly Rowland’s singles so far have certainly had mighty choruses – you can still recall how Mary knew she she had the same sized hands as Marilyn Monroe right? But then the song before Work It Out that was most conspicuous for not having a chorus was probably Bootylicious. Instead all these singles have grooves which may not go anywhere but are more than enough fun in themselves. It worked for Sly Stone, it works for Beyonce.

*She is famous enough not to have to use the surname she is forcing upon us. Anyway, how many other people called Beyonce do you know? (Ditto with Solange her sister, its all part of a family masterplan. Are they the Venus and Serena of the pop world?)