Tonight we went to see Junior Senior do their thing at HMV. By the time we got there they only had one song left, ‘Rhythm Bandits’, which they’ve dollied up a bit for single release. There wasn’t the same vibrancy and love in the air as at their Glastonbury performance, of course, but on the other hand you could get much closer up. Junior is very pretty; Senior looks like a big gay walrus (in a good way). He jumps up and down when they play while Junior rocks forward and back. Afterwards Isabel queued for 50 minutes to get a CD single signed. She told Senior that he made lots of people very happy and he apparently looked at her like she was mental (in a good way). She’s right though: the all-ages, vaguely uncool crowd certainly seemed pleased. Junior Senior are a force for uncomplicated good in the world, unless maybe you’re the kind of person who appreciates dance tracks for their polyrhythmic intricacy (or still has nightmares about big beat, which JS comprehensively redeem). ‘They use the same drum sample on every track’, sniffed the HMV cashier, as if it could possibly matter.