Freaky Trigger has a new e-mail address: freakytrigger at hotmail dot com (click on that link to say hello to us). This one is accessible to all editorial staff so your mail has a better chance of being read, replied to etc etc.

The first thing you can use it for is to contribute to our annual Glastonbury Review! Like last year, we’ll be putting together a bunch of short – one paragraph or so – reviews of anything you liked about the Festival (bands, performers, events, experiences, comestibles, you name it) and editing them together into a bigger piece. If you’ve taken photos and have them on the web then send in a link too.

The second thing you can use the new email for is to suggest articles or things you might like to write for when we relaunch (first week in August). More details when I’ve sat down with my new co-editors and thrashed out the new FT mission statement. Ta!