I certainly would not have wanted to be the person to write the main song for the Charlie’s Angels sequel. How do you even get close to both the outstanding brilliance of Independent Woman Part 1 or indeed how do you dovetail the fun of the song with the fun of the film so well. One technique is of course not even bothering. Which is the route used by Pink (surely now she has nary a lick of pink in her barnet she should relinquish the name). Firstly Pink, grumpy bird that she is now should not have been let anywhere near this franchise. The name would suggest that a track from the Legally Blonde sequel would have made more sense. But instead we get Pink not only doing the song, but in the film in a cameo role.

One of the nice things about Independent Woman (Part 1) was how the song references the film without being out and out Ghostbusters. The beautiful role call opening linked the two pieces of work – and the Angels were ultimately confident Independent Women. If Feel Good Time has a similar kind of synergy it suggest that Barrymore, Diaz and Liu will just be going through the motions. There is not a spark of fun in the song at all. Which bodes badly for the film – which in itself the original was one of the best pop music using films in years. Pink has taken the pop out of Charlie’s Angels.

(An aside, whilst being equally gritty, Christina Aguiliera’s “Fighter” would have been a perfect song for the film. And she’s even got the chaps for dirt bike racing. Cos Charlie’s Angels are Fighters. Of course if anyone had released a song called “Fetish Gear Dressing Up Box” that would have won the gig hands down.)

Posted edited 1/07/03 to get the name of the song right. Though frankly as she sings Real, Good Time all the way through the song it would be useful to your half cockjed reviewer if she called it that. I’m asking you – who does this make look stupid – me or Pink?