Linus Loves-“The Terrace”
It’s actually May. Difficult to believe. Have I been out less or have there been less good records to rave about/to?

Either way I’ve been mostly listening to my favourites from last year, aswell as compilations from last year I’ve just managed to pick up this year. Part of my problem might be actually remembering the names of the songs. I listened to Pete Tong’s show on Tuesday. I usually skip to songs where I know the producer, but somehow I heard Linus Loves and instantly recognised it as the song which was the highlight of last Saturday.

It’s very 80s for starters, not electro though. It’s a two part record, the first is an insanely catchy 80s synth loop. I haven’t heard a loop as beautiful since last November or October. The second part is a sparkly piano bridge which only exists to tease you into going crazy when the first loop comes back. Most of the big tunes so far this year have been latin style, and it’s all well and good but it’s been done ten thousand times. It’s becoming increasingly clear that electro and the french house mafia are far and away the best resources for house music to draw on. Having said that there are a whole glut of homogenised “lets remove the camp” electro house records this year, which are a waste of time. The Terrace is the best house record of 2003 so far, by a long long way.

I never doubt my doubts will be dispelled at some point, but forget how that feels almost daily.