Lunes Felices: “Diagnostico confirmado: Pete Baran es un nabazo.”. A run through various inadequate translation software doesn’t tell me what precisely Pete Baran is but it does tell me we have a dissatisfied and thoughtful reader here, annoyed first by the geopolitical naivety of my “Don’t Cry For Me Argentina” piece (guilty as charged), second by Pete’s fillum choices, and third by my liking The Streets – a point I’d love Marcos to expand on back on the ILM forum, if he’s still reading.

The broader point is that dilettantism has the same potential payback it always has done – if I dabble in other people’s cultures for sonic thrills, people with rather more at stake in those cultures may well tell me to get fucked. The thing is – and I wish I’d responded more to Marcos on the ILM thread he links to – I want that to happen. If I’ve said something dumb I want it pointed out, so I can learn more about the stuff I’ve been getting wrong. I’m sure I’ll keep on tooling around and listening to stuff I shouldn’t be but maybe with slightly more informed ears.