Dolly Parton-9 to 5
I think country is Dolly clicking her nails in 9 to 5
I posted this as an after thought to an ilm thread about defining genre, and i wanted to expand it. I think that country rests much more on improvisation out of necessity, or originated that way, then people give it credit for. Think about this, Dolly- deep into her pop crossover is in a studio in Los Angles, making a slick 80s number one, and it doesn’t have enough percussion, she knows this and clicks her Lee press ons out of nervousness, the sound engineer hears it, wonders what that is, and has her do it to the beat of the song (I am not giving enough credit here, she managed to precede any trend by at least 5 years, her going back to traditional about the same time as the folk box was released is a perfect example). It adds a perfect and wonderful counterbalance to the studio- for all of the hatred of that word, and all of my issues with it- it adds authenticity. View this as a parable to Nash Trash.