Things I’ve learned by listening to AT40 with my wife:

– Dirty songs sound better when you hear them on the way to church (“Girl Talk”, “Dirrty”).
– Creed has no redeeming features whatsoever (this was more confirmation rather than something new).
– The right lyrics can win someone over to a musical style that is normally avoided by the plague, even if it is only for that song (“Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous”)
– Kid Rock is a better singer than Eminem AND Sheryl Crow.
– Kelly Clarkson may be the sweetest girl on the face of the earth, but “A Moment Like This” needs to GO GO GO GO GO.
– Despite the best attempts of marketing geniuses across the country, Americans like Kelly more than Beyonce. AS THEY SHOULD.
– Mariah Carey is still enough of a star to get pity airplay.
– Nelly has completely lost it. I really hope he’s invested well.
– Avril Levigne should stick to ballads.
– One of the guys in The Calling left that band to join his brother’s band, Lifehouse. Sonic similarities between the two begin to make sense.
– Madonna needed to go all creepy-robot-alien to get another top 10 hit. God bless her.
O-Town have turned recycling Backstreet Boys material into a science.
– If people really understood how impressive it is when Michelle Branch floats the “WHYYYY-Y-Y-Y” part of “The Game Of Love” so effortlessly, there’d be a lot less criticism of her.