Christina Aguileras New Video

I saw this on MTV this morning after a sleepless night, and i have a few thoughts about transformation and dirrty versus virtue, but it all went out the window when i saw the two cute blonde boys snogging, not only did it give the pervert in my a hard on, it made me think that this was the greatest politcal view of queer desire ever, just two people who liked to pash (’cause who doesnt like to pash?). It’s not the eunuchs of Will and Grace or the exotic sluts of QAFand more effective then 10 000 pious public service announcements. This made me happy.
But not as happy as the thought of XTina as fag hag. (really darlings-it’s us and teenage girls who love the pop mini divas, embrace us!)

BTW-I didnt get the title of it, any one know?