When I walk home, I pass a cross walk, and there is a button so that the blind can have an audible signal.

Now I’m not blind, and have no need to press the button, but the sound is so wonderful- like a clockwork nightengale made into an automan-that I press the button, just so I can listen.

Sometimes, after class, I walk home with some one, and he has started to throw himself against the button, preventing me from hearing the lovely noise.

Now this is a pop music blog- but Brian Eno’s best work in the last ten years has been the microsoft start up signal, and those who hear one thing often hear others. I love everyday noises-the ding of the bus as it signals a stop, the precussive click of a keyboard, chalk on chalk board, boots finding their way down stairs and through hall ways.

The John Cage epigram about noise being music, and vice versa should be a way to live life.