Bow Wow Wow-See Jungle! See Jungle!, Go Join Your Gang Yeah ! City All Over, Go Ape Crazy !

I was in one of those warehouse garage sale places, with musty clothes, old office furinture, boxes of records and casettes and, of course a life size blinking Santa “riding” Rudolph. The store was in a neighbourhood of no knife bars, peelers and XXX shops selling fuck dvds for half price.

Looking through the cassette tapes, I saw a stash of mid 80s anglopop, i rescued them, — along with a walkman. My favourite is the Bow Wow Wow, mostly because it combines two genres never found together before- Music Hall and Lolita Pop. Plus, there’s the whole McLaren angle,and totally insane song titles (Sinner ! Sinner! Sinner!, Prince of Darkness Instrumental Version ),. God this is a lost masterpeice