V/A – Scumtron: A Tribute To Merzbow
My girlfriend (whose taste typically falls in a spectrum between Death Cab For Cutie and the Quad City DJ’s) had an unexpected reaction to this record last night. After explaining the “concept” behind Merzbow (“it’s just…noise”), she had been wanting to hear some, but of course not being an insane person, I’ve never actually paid cash money for a Merzrecord. So I downloaded this, a tribute to Mssr. Akita filled with his bastard sprog (and Jim O’Rourke.) Track one (The O’Rourke remix — heard two rooms away): ‘What are you playing out there?’ Me: ‘What?’ Her: ‘All that [imitation of backed up garbage disposal.]’ Me: Wry smile (sadly unseen as she was two rooms away, you know.) Her: (Upon investigating the name in the Winamp toolbar) ‘Ohhhh, Merzbow,’ said with the sort of bemused detachment one reserves for a rascally puppy dog or an incontinent old grandparent. Second track (a real Merzburner, hellafied radio static from beyond, etc.): Her: ‘Wooooow.’ Followed by a look which is typically associated with when I should be getting off the computer and into the mood for wuv. Track three (The Pansonic remix.) (I had since turned off the computer speakers and replaced it with Todd Edwards.): Me: ‘This is gonna hurt.’ Her: ‘Why are you doing it then?’ Me: (Shrug. Turn up the speakers. Hilarity of whining drone ensues.) ‘Yeah, that’s painful.’ Her: (Shrug.) ‘I dunno, it’s kinda nice.’ After which we turned off the computer entirely and watched American Idol. Sometimes noise just sounds like noise.