TATU – Ya Soshla S Uma

I knew this song was going to be great in the first five seconds of it, without even hearing any beats or music. The moment one of them screams in high-pitched unatural voice “YA! SA! SHLA! SUMAAA!” its like shes drowning and screaming the loudest she can for help and it goes fading away like she was going down and down in the water. Then the song starts and it goes for the verse where starts the fast talking and the syllables breaking one in the other and consonants everywhere, but it is still so calm. The whole thing is based on the tension between the chorus and the verse. Goes the drum fill and the whole desperate singing comes again, they sing in the chorus like they were trying to sing faster than they are but the beat wont let them and they finally give up on the last phrase where they sing the “YA SA SHLA SUMA” even higher and more desperate but they end up passing out and falling to the ground due to some exhausting fight against something (wich is probably themselves since the translated title is “Im Losing My Mind”)