Nor do I, mate! Why are they bothering? Why are they back? Money? I’m not sure a Wire record is any more of a commercial proposition now than it was in 1979 or 1990 but if the collective loft does need some pricey new insulation then Wire deserve to cash in more than most. Still, though, I’m sure that’s not it but what do they have to prove?

“I Don’t Understand” suggests Wire know that people will be asking precisely these questions. “You’ve had! Your chance!” it yells, “You’ve made your point.” a record playing Devil’s Advocate against itself. A record that answers itself.. It’s rather good. What does it sound like? Casually brutal: a disposable razor with granite-tipped blades. Purposefully funkless beats; guitars; snarling; you know, the drill. It’s nice to have them back, not urgent, but nice. Why are they back? For the best reason of all: to see what happens.