rapper nelly’s neighborhood?: i don’t have a link for this since i just saw it on the “news” ticker on the e! network, but according to “industry sources,” nelly is in talks to star in (presumably, maybe he has more dramatic range than i think, though) his own sitcom this fall. no word yet if it’s to be called nellyville.

and speaking of nellyville, for those unaware, here’s the genesis of the term, taken from the village voice:
And so, the story goes, while test driving an SUV near St. Peters, Missouri, the roots-conscious rhyming millionaire discovered that the suburb was for sale. Succumbing to the nouveau riche urge to splurge, Nelly fantasized about purchasing the town and renaming it Nellyville. He bought the SUV instead of the burg, but the opposite move might have reconciled his sudden wealth, his attachment to home, and his acquired situational narcissism (i.e., the delusional state that allegedly made Winona Ryder go hog-wild at Saks Fifth Avenue). In fact, Mayor Tom Brown says, “St. Peters has never been up for sale, [nor do I] know of any other town for sale anywhere. At an assessed property value through a well known property valuation company, of [nearly] a billion dollars, I have no idea how anyone would think that they could ‘buy the city.’ “