Back At The RIAA: Sometime last week, I meant to subject you folks to some shameless self-promotion regarding an essay of mine (clicky clicky) published by those lovable, open-minded guys & gal at Pitchfork. (By the way, the phrase “six to eight teams” should NOT contain any dashes, thanks.) However, I soon found out that most of the points I made in my essay (about the RIAA & the FMC & other organizations completely approaching the peer-to-peer file-sharing problem from every angle but the smart one) are also made in this lengthier, and better, essay (written by Janis Ian). More facts and figures, more knowledge (from someone IN the industry), and a whole boatload of sense:

If you think about it, the music industry should be rejoicing at this new technological advance! Here’s a fool-proof way to deliver music to millions who might otherwise never purchase a CD in a store. The cross-marketing opportunities are unbelievable. It’s instantaneous, costs are minimal, shipping non-existant — a staggering vehicle for higher earnings and lower costs. Instead, they’re running around like chickens with their heads cut off, bleeding on everyone and making no sense.