PRIMAL SCREAM — ‘Miss Lucifer’

Hold on to your hats! Or sides. ‘Skinny girl / Dressed in black / Leather boots / Nazi hat / Tattooed panther / [something something]* / Sexy dancer / Immaculate grace / SHAKE IT BABY!’ – I can type this shit, Bobby, but you sure can’t sing it. Meet Primal Screams new direction, same (for once) as the old direction — fast and shiny machine-rock with lyrics from the Edgy Rock Fridge Poetry Kit. Lyrics don’t matter, you say? Well voices surely do and Gillespie’s is as feeble as ever — he wants to be Charlie Manson, he sounds like Charlie Hawtrey. The worst thing is that — just like the ‘Swastika Eyes’ remix — the music supporting this guff is fairly tasty. Dirty synths and high BPMs, it just might in an unguarded moment tempt you to try and strike the kind of wasted techno-Iggy pose Bobby does — until that is you notice what a fool he’s looking, and think better of it.

*(There is the possibility that ‘[something something]’ is actually ‘love Viking’ in which case I may take it all back.)