Haha few things bettah than having yr sincere prejudices confirmed by unmoored gossip. Spent an evening with two relatives who work in the TV documentary industry. Relative X had just seen the Nick Broomfield doc on Tupac: verdict = ‘total meh’ (ie Broomfield’s whodunit theory too vague even to remember, plus as usual zero competent research = thus spake Relative X). Relative Y pipes up: NB has been pulling the same stunts since his student film (in the 70s?): ‘he’s always been dishonest in exactly the same way’ = Y’s exact words, with grim anecdote to back it up… Words that get bandied around freely during the evening: vain, stupid, boyish, bald spot, ‘the success of Diamond Skull‘, manipulative, dishonourable, abusive to those who work under him, oh dear I enjoyed myself. But wd it stand up in court?