It’s Mike Oldfields CHILLOUT ALBUM!!!!!!!!!!!! *hides in corner*

The terrorists have won. This was apparently GESTATED in the midst of a prolonged stay in Ibiza which is surely the final nail in the tacky holiday resorts coffin!!! The chillout phenomena is hideously repulsive enough as it is b-b-b-but MIKE OLDFIELD? Death warrant NOW! Oh and speaking of horror, have you seen the INDIE BOY ‘chillout’ equivalent? I talk not only of ‘Quiet Revolution’ feat Badly Dressed Twat et al, I speak of Cigarettes and Alcohol: Saturday Night and Sunday Morning – or something along those lines. Saturday Night features the aforereferenced Oasis track, Cum On Feel the Noize ect ect whilst Sunday Morning features the dulcet tones of Coldplay to recover to after your night out on the BIRDS BOOZE AND FAGS. This must END. When you’re that hungover the only thing you should be listening to is HOLLYOAKS anyway never mind this ‘music’ rubfest – you should have had enough of that down the club/pub jukebox/singsong on the way home. MUNTERS!