Electroclash! A stunning battle of the titans – in the red corner! A bloody great big PYLON! In the blue corner! A lightning storm! Up there in the sky, do you see? Who will win in the battle of the electricity? Man made or natural? What’s in a name? Electroclash sadly is not the man vs nature: FITE!! that I had pictured, it’s a new genre. Tiga and Syntherius, Fisherschpooner, Futurism. Last week I heard the Tiga/Sytherius track the whole way through for the first time. NEW GROUND BROKEN: nil!! BOREDOM: one! Stupid – really, bloody stupid lyrics: Two!

Such a crashbang name totally doesn’t suit this movement. Instead of high flung drama, electroclash to me is all about comfort. It’s like dunking a biscuit in tea. Being happily drunk and waiting by yourself in a bus stop in the rain for a bus home. It’s blank. It’s the music you put on instead of the TV when it’s cold and you’re alone and you can’t bear any more of your ridiculous thoughts. Tired. And because sonically it is the sound of something familiarly retro, it is seperate enough from the rest of your experience to not be too affecting. I still gave Tigxx0r and Syntherius a 6 out of 10. I wouldn’t go higher. How long can the aural equivalent of comfort food hang about for?

Sunglasses at Nite is STILL stuck in my bloody head though. Bring it on MC Pitman!!