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Sep 06

Straight from the kick-off. Really.

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It’s a cliche in football that a team is most vulnerable when they have just scored. It’s doubtful that the clichemongers had this in mind when thinking about just how vulnerable you can be.

It’s bound now to be described as like Beckham’s, but really, this sort of thing went on all the time back in the day. Before wall-to-wall saturation coverage, the number of goals captured on film was much less, so it really was a case of the best goal we got on tape, not best goal scored. As the number of top flight and non top flight matches was much lower, goal of the season could be won by non-top flight players.

One good thing from saturation coverage has been to be able to have these gems saved by those there, those not there, and no doubt the players themselves; Kids in the future will be able to see that their old dad could actually play a bit after all. And thanks to the interweb, the level at which the cameras are present is much much lower than it once was, meaning that this FC United goal from Rory Patterson was captured this weekend, like many of their others.

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Jolly Roger National Talk Like A Pirate Day
The Internet’s own version of April Fool’s – but on September 19th. How long can we manage to keep our Pirate Filter in place…

Climbing Up The News Ladder

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Have a country in turmoil? Want the world to know what is going on in your city? Want aid, want attention? WANT TO BE HEARD?

Well read the subtext of this little BBC editors blog piece. It starts off as a nice little compare and contrast piece, in this hyper-technological world, where can you access the best wi-fi internet connections? But when the answer turns out to be Kabul, a secondary, much more interesting implication percolates up. Let cynical old me explain the difference between mine and the BBC’s reasoning via quotes from the article.


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pig.jpgSuckling Pig.
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Food Science Day Two: 2 – The Culinary Art of the Bad Pun Continued

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An ongoing Food Science Day enquiry is to determine whether tasty recipes can be derived from appalling puns. Previous experiments such as Lychees on Toast and the almost legendary Thymey Calaloo Dow’s Port have shown that there is much potential in this bold new approach. Our explorations continued this year with the creation of PERRY PERRY CHICKEN.


Serious Art Criticism

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Mr Wendell - eh eh eh eh ooh ya!Man dressed up as Terracotta Warrior infiltrates Terracotta Army for Art Sake. Well, really what other sake would there be? This would be one in the eye for Banksy if Banksy ever did anything in person*. But why can’t it just be called a practical joke? I know practical jokes have had a bad rep since Candid Camera, Beadle and Dom Joly (whither his career now?), but that is all this is, an amusing wheeze. Though clearly scaring a night guard by suddenly coming to life would have been a perfect moment (and straight our of Game For A Laugh).