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drawbacks of a black cooking pot =

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bugssmall black beetles can TUMBLE IN and not GET OUT AGAIN and are INVISIBLE till you find em FLOATING DEAD in yr LOVELY FISH SOUP pah yuk grue!

Call For Submissions: THE LONG EGG

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The man who invented the Gala Pie is a hero of mine. Not just because he took one of natures nicest foodstuff (namely the pork pie) and made it even better. He made it better by the addition of the hard boiled egg. But not just any old hard boiled egg. No, not only did he manage to get an egg somehow into the middle of a pie, but he also discovered a way of, er, lengthening the egg. To those of you not familiar with the long egg, the orthographic projection of a Gala Pie below will explain.

Orthographic Pie

Orthographic Pie


THE ROLLING STONES – “Jumpin’ Jack Flash”

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#251, 22nd June 1968

No sign of Indiana Jones, though.There are vowelsounds here undreamed-of in prior pop: “hurricaayuhn”, “hahhhihg”, “doooouuwn”, the way Jagger gulps three times at “drowned”, more desperate each one. “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” may have one of the classic Stones riffs but it’s the stupendous vocals that hog my attention. Jagger is demented, theatrical, electric, camp and – as ever – very funny at the same time.



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Eleksen’s fabric wireless keyboard

Just wanted to share this with you. All I’m waiting for now is the roll up e-ink style display, and I’m sorted.

The guts of most PDAs and pocket/bag gadgets must surely be teensy – it’s all peripheral, all easy to break screen and teeny “mash your fat hands on the keypad to get a dialling wand” buttons. The CPU and clever stuff is probably not much bigger than a fag packet. And with everything wireless, there’s no need to dig that bit out of your bag anyway. Especially if it is sewn into your body.

What Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon Cover Would Actually Look Like…

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If it was actually on the Dark Side Of The Moon.
Dark Side Of The Moon on the Dark Side Of The Moon

However, having been to the moon, and more importantly having spoken to people who know something about the moon (FT’s own science teacher Alan), I can confirm that there isn’t actually a dark side of the Moon at all. Whilst it is true that, being in geosynchronous orbit, one side of the Moon always faces the Earth, that doesn’t mean that the other side doesn’t get a fair bit of sunlight too. The stupid idiots in Pink Floyd, despite making music that only scientists would like, misunderstand science themselves. One can only assume that the Floyd were talking about the Far Side Of The Moon: and so here is an artists impressions of what the album would look like from Earth, if it was on the far side of the Moon.


yay cultural treachery (kinda)

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i wz only half watchin ENEMY OF THE STATE (1998) f.will smith, gene hackman last night (bcz i wz flickin over to HOUSE yes HOUSE i sed HOUSE — and then also after a doc abt the cult of steroids), but if ever you want to contemplate how mainstream cultural norms can slam into reverse this is yr movie:
enemy of statethe NSA (= nationanal security agency now routinely hyped by the bush aministration as a necessary and useful tool IF ONLY IT IS ALLOWED TO FUNCTION* W/O OVERSIGHT) is here i. out of the control and in the pocket of its own sinister boss; ii. taken down by the put-upon w.smith in combo w.vengeful loony loner hackman (kinda revisitin his role in THE CONVERSATION)**; taken down in the most BLOOD-DRENCHED WAY***


Well Done That Brand

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Marketing magazine published its annual Britain’s Biggest Brands survey this week. And what’s this I see?

A new entry at No.45? The highest percentage growth of any brand on the list? 120 million sales this year? Who could it be but…