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et tu brute

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seein as spoilers were never an issue in RHOME — the climax wz always gnna be a buncha senators savin the republic from dictatorship w.stabbin knives — the excitement and potential doubt came in smaller things: such as like how that brutus wd be addressed and shamed by the dying caesar

ETB is after all translated variously — “even thou, brutus (who is as my son)” the trad interpretation, “and now you’ll be next matey” a favoured departure — but (after a v.gory and thrilling final 80-odd mins) (inc.unscheduled gladiator-action and plus plenty of up-close on baffling latin ritual) RHOME retained its established penchant for odd and interesting small gestures by not bothering with the last words bit AT ALL, and zoomin in on a jerky dying non-king tryin as per convention then* to draw his robe over his face

i. haha someone said “i’d rather suck pluto’s thorny cock”
ii. a weird swirl of cartoonish inevitability once the conspirators gathered, seein as (via shakespeare) (and who before him? plutarch?) we know all their names, if nothin else: viz cassius, casca, cinna —
iii. it is confusing to switch over from an actor bald in a minor detective role in the BILL to RHOME and the same actor as a minor villain in a behaired man’s WHIGHAT (somehow you’d think the earlier era wd be the more unwigged, tho this makes no sense when you think abt it for a moment)

*this series has maybe been best on things like cutsom, convention, ritual, expected social nicety (the pleb soldier at the centre of the story endlessly disoriented by the new slaves his wife has bought or rented, and us a bit disoriented with him – they’re people but he refers to them as things: “what are THESE?”)

anyway more next year inc.*EVEN MORE SPOILERS ALERT* lashins of queen o’bean&sedge material

The Pop World Cup

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I believe this idea was once used by Select back in the mists of, but this is going to be much better:

The Pop World Cup

You don’t even have to be signed up to LiveJournal to take part (honest).

This has very little to do with sport really, except for the fact that Togo are still minnows.

A bit of psychology…no fun

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Sweeney Todd, which I caught most of last night, was good in an Actors going about their Acting Business with lots of Pauses way, and Ray Winstone’s wobbly hurt face very effective, but I couldn’t help thinking that the demon barber of Fleet Street was slightly poorly served by a treatment that sought to explain him, and explain him not even in terms of the morality of his times but in terms of his upbringing and psychology. Not that these should be off-limits for a fictional character, but Sweeney Todd’s roots are in thrill-power, not psychology.

The most famous product of the 19th century Penny Dreadful, his appeal – as last night’s most effective scenes showed – sits firmly in the grotesque. The Sweeney Todd story combines two horror tales in one: the barber who slits his customers’ throats, and the pies made with human meat. Last night’s adaptation played the former to the full and underplayed the latter: we never saw anyone eating a human pie, or reacting to one. From what I’ve read of the original penny dreadfuls though, the pies are crucial, source of many black comedy scenes as they become an enormous London hit. The adaptors last night weren’t looking for comedy, though, and you got the idea the flesh-pies were a grand guignol touch too far for a drama about psychology and psychosis. But the pies are also a high-impact way for the original Todd story’s moral purpose to come through – that London is a web of interconnections in which corruption and complicity can spread everywhere, very quickly. Fine though the lead performance was, last night’s character study sacrificed that.


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Casual flipping in the morning is unavoidable when BBC Smugfast is doing a story on a cat having open heart surgery and GMTV is having a hard hitting Detox Diet Scambusting yawnarama. So you are tired, and your brain has not woken up yet. Still, this is no excuse for the day-glo filth thrown at us in the form of Lazy Town on BBC2.

I cannot describe Lazy Town, because really the only way to understand this hyper-energetic creepfest is to watch it. But I have put a warning above, as every five second burst of it I catch disturbs me to such a degree that I feel physically ill. Why not go to the Lazy Town site, where there are videos to disgorge yourself with. I believe the aim of the show is to make kids do more exercise, though how they do this with a pinkhaired girl, lots of unpleasant rubber puppets and strange men with stick on chin-prostheses leaping around I don’t know. Perhaps it encourages you to run away from the screen.

That said, I can’t help but be drawn to it for these five second chunks of “what-the-fuck”-itude. And this morning I was treated to a hi-energy (everything in the show is hi-energy but I am talking about the music here) song which would make Scooter sound sluggish. The perfect program to pair with Extra-Sugar Frosties with Glucose Power Rocks in it. For the rest of us, it’ll burn out your retinas.