seein as spoilers were never an issue in RHOME — the climax wz always gnna be a buncha senators savin the republic from dictatorship w.stabbin knives — the excitement and potential doubt came in smaller things: such as like how that brutus wd be addressed and shamed by the dying caesar

ETB is after all translated variously — “even thou, brutus (who is as my son)” the trad interpretation, “and now you’ll be next matey” a favoured departure — but (after a v.gory and thrilling final 80-odd mins) (inc.unscheduled gladiator-action and plus plenty of up-close on baffling latin ritual) RHOME retained its established penchant for odd and interesting small gestures by not bothering with the last words bit AT ALL, and zoomin in on a jerky dying non-king tryin as per convention then* to draw his robe over his face

i. haha someone said “i’d rather suck pluto’s thorny cock”
ii. a weird swirl of cartoonish inevitability once the conspirators gathered, seein as (via shakespeare) (and who before him? plutarch?) we know all their names, if nothin else: viz cassius, casca, cinna —
iii. it is confusing to switch over from an actor bald in a minor detective role in the BILL to RHOME and the same actor as a minor villain in a behaired man’s WHIGHAT (somehow you’d think the earlier era wd be the more unwigged, tho this makes no sense when you think abt it for a moment)

*this series has maybe been best on things like cutsom, convention, ritual, expected social nicety (the pleb soldier at the centre of the story endlessly disoriented by the new slaves his wife has bought or rented, and us a bit disoriented with him – they’re people but he refers to them as things: “what are THESE?”)

anyway more next year inc.*EVEN MORE SPOILERS ALERT* lashins of queen o’bean&sedge material