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Dr Quack meet Dr Croak

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Animals have regional accents. This is taken as gospel around here, due to the groundbreaking work of Dr Quack. However this does not seem to be complete scientific wisdom, as there is much surprise over a Norfolk species of frog with a distinctive accent is reintroduced to the wild. So meet the frog with a distinctive East Anglian accent.


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    Dr.Quack on 21 Sep 2006 #

    Dr.Quack is replying just over a year late, Pete Baran, on one urgent matter of courtesy and two non-urgent matters of detail. One is thanks for kind words. Two is there is a better pic of the BIG DUCK (dressed in tinsel for Xmas) and the other concerns the Frogs with archaic Norfolk accents.
    Norfolk English is characterised by two things: ‘yod-dropping’ (unexpected homophones) and for being non-rhotic (no ‘r’ inferred from the use of ‘r’). But what this would make of CROAK or even RIBBET? Dr. Quack will have to find the secret location and tape the frogs.

    Dr.Vick is now putting a stop to this Bewtiful iF Fu:lish orthography. Salut to you & Sparky.

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