Sep 05

Food as Presents

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Those out last night could not help but be overwhelmed by one of my birthday presents: 2kg of Parmesan. I look forward into risottoing the hell out of that bastard…

But it was not the only food present I got. From Andrew Farrell was a small bar of Kinder Country – a chocolate bar stuffed with cereals. It was breakfast. There was also super chocolatey mini bites from Robster and Ricky T leapt in with Cis’s Ginger Cake recipe, which was awesome.

Still not enough though. On Monday I was given a slightly more outre collection of food with which to make a meal Ready, Steady Cook style:
1 largish Lambs Liver
A box of Bisquick
5 Lady’s Fingers (okra)
Loads of red chillies
A packet of Smash
A huge white Radish
Two Prickly Pears
A round thing what looks like celeriac but is something else what I have forgotten.

I am thinking of some sort of curried liver crumble, but any suggestion please chip in.

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